Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me a little bit more about what you do?

I perform a 45 minute magic show followed by 15 minutes of animal balloons. The emphasis in the magic show is on lots of comedy and audience participation. I designed the show so that throughout the entire performance, all of the children are helping from their seats, and 1 - 5 children are helping with the magic "on stage". That means that during the course of the show I bring up 10 - 15 kids to help directly with the magic! Of course, this makes it possible to bring up the child of honor on several occasions! The highlight of the show is an illusion where the child of honor (depending on age and personality) is suspended in "mid-air". The animal balloons are designed to be an interactive performance where I give out clues with regard to what animal I'm going to make while the kids call out their guesses.

Where will you be coming from, and do you travel to my area?

While I live in South Orange, NJ with my wife and children—I may be coming from another show. If you're wondering whether or not I travel to your area—I generally travel anywhere that I can get to that is within a one hour drive from South Orange, NJ. 

Do I need to provide you with a table or anything else on the day of the show?

I am totally self contained, I bring everything I need with me including 2 chairs, 2 tables, a small illusion, and a portable public address system. 

Can the show be outdoors?

Yes, but just be aware of environmental conditions. Holding the attention of an audience of children for an hour, is rewarding and challenging. Your neighbor mowing their lawn would be a distraction. Also, it is important that the children and the performer be in a shaded area if possible. I CAN NOT PERFORM IN THE RAIN, not even if a tent is provided, as the humidity affects my equipment.

How do I know you're going to show up?

In 30+ years I have never missed a show. When my 2nd daughter was born, I left my wife's side to do a magic show and returned to her side in time to see my daughter enter the world. I am very committed to delivering on my promises, for example, I did a magic show during the "blizzard of 2006" and I did a show during the Nor'easter of 2007 and 3 shows during the Nor'easter of 2011.

What ages do you perform for?

I generally perform at parties where the child of honor is anywhere from a few weeks old to 9 years old. As long as the majority of the children are from 4 - 9 in age, then the 3 year olds, 13 year olds, 30 year olds and 103 year olds will enjoy the show. The show is not designed to entertain an audience comprised mostly of 1 - 3 year olds. The show is not designed to entertain an audience comprised exclusively of adults.

What if I need someone on short notice, like maybe today or tomorrow?

Just give me a call. I do not charge you extra for calling last minute.

What if I just have a quick question?

Pick up the phone and give me a call. Most of the time you will be able to get me on the phone as opposed to having to leave a message on my voicemail. If I am unavailable, just leave a message on my voicemail, I promise to return your call promptly.

Do you have a live rabbit in the show?

For ethical reasons, I have consciously chosen not to have any live animals in my show. At one time I had a live dove in the show, and it died in the car between performances. At another time I had a rabbit in the show, and it only came out of the cage when it was booked for a show. I thought that was a cruel existence, so I gave him away to a loving family.

Why should I hire you?

1) A lifelong devotion to magic—means you're getting a REAL magician. That means that I have both the technical and performance skills required to create the illusion that something magical is happening. Although I specialize in shows for children, most of my routines are completely original and many incorporate sleight of hand. These are not tricks that anybody can go out and purchase on a Saturday and perform on a Sunday. I have a library with over 200 magic books and dvds, have taken private lessons from world famous magicians, and I attend lectures on a regular basis. When I’m not working on my “day job” as a technology sales professional, you can find me around the house practicing magic. Magic is my love, my passion (next to my wife) and my obsession.

2) 30+ years of experience performing for children—means you're getting a seasoned entertainer. I believe that absolute perfection is something that we can strive for, but never attain. For the last 30+ years I have regularly video taped and audio recorded my show in an effort to continuously improve it—the good news is that you can get pretty good at just about anything if you dedicate this much time to it, while maintaining a sense of humility and an open mind with regard to continuous improvement. My years of experience also allow me to deal with any unexpected events during the show. This is important because the one thing that is very predictable when performing for children (or adults for that matter) is that something unexpected will happen. An experienced entertainer knows how to roll with the punches and leverage those unexpected events to create truly unique and once in a lifetime, magical moments.

3) A unique focus on your family and your audience—a subtle but very powerful distinguishing characteristic of my show is the emphasis on audience participation. When my show is over, you will have memories of not just a very funny magician, but better yet, you will have memories of your children, family and friends in some very funny situations. When you look at the video and pictures you've taken, you'll be looking at pictures of your loved ones.

4) A father of 4—means that you're getting someone who loves children enough to have 4 of his own. I'm not saying that you have to like (much less love) children in order to entertain them, I'm just saying that, that is who I am. In my opinion, the reason why both the children and the adults in your audience will love my show, is that I don't just love children, I love people. My show allows me to connect with people.

5) Professionalism—along with my magic career, I've had a career in corporate America for 30+ years. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies and I know what it means to be a professional and to provide my clients with world class service. You benefit because you are dealing directly with a sole proprietor who is completely accountable and you have a single point of contact. Most importantly, you will be delighted with my services, from start to finish.

6) My goal is to provide you, your family and all of your guests with the best magical experience they will EVER have. You will love my show—I guarantee it!